Papillote Tropical Gardens Panorama
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Anthurium andraeanum rubrum
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Heliconia spp.

Welcome to the website of Papillote Tropical Gardens.

Founded in 1969 by Anne Jno Baptiste and Burl Grey, Papillote Tropical Gardens is located east of the village of Trafalgar in the foothills of Morne Micotrin on the Nature Island of Dominica.

Perched on a steep, rain-forested mountain slope a thousand feet above the sea, the 14-acre grounds of Papillote Tropical Gardens include 4 acres of developed trails, two waterfalls and natural volcanic hot mineral springs and bathing pools. Mountain View The property also features a 7-room Inn and a popular restaurant serving fine West Indian cuisine.

Completely demolished by Hurricane David in 1979, the gardens of Papillote (pronounced PAP-ee-ott) have since been re-established as one of the most impressive botanical collections in the region, with more than 100 genera represented by over 600 individual species.

The gardens continue to be a "work in progress," developed, nurtured and enhanced by its founder.


Trafalgar Falls Road
Dominica, West Indies